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Old Contract RSR migration, FAQ solution not working for second wallet due additonal new contract RSR being sent to wallet
I have some RSR from the old RSR contract on my ledger that I can't figure out how to get to convert to the new contract. I have successfully migrated old contract on a different ledger in the past, but the metamask connection and adding/buying the new contract token is not working possibly due to the following: I also purchased new contract RSR and sent it to my ledger before fixing the old contract RSR which i think is where the problem is stemming from. I've tried the solution from the Reserves FAQ section and the video. On my other wallet, the FAQ video solution worked, but I only had old contract RSR on it with no new contract RSR. Using etherscan, i can see both the old contract and new contract RSR under my wallet address, but on the Metamask UI where i have my ledger connected, I only see the current balance of the new Rsr when i add the new contract, and have to add the old RSR contract to see that balance. They are separate coins and balances still. To troubleshoot I have tried: sending all my the new contract RSR to a different wallet, and then removing both the old and new contract from the metamask interface, and then re-adding the new contract. This still shows a new contract RSR token balance of 0, and i have to re-add the old contract as a custom token to see the RSR. After i did this, and while i still had 0 new contract RSR on my ledger wallet (connected with metamask), I then tried removing the old and new contract RSR tokens, and then buying some new contract RSr through uniswap, before re-adding the new contract RSR. This didnt work either and I only see the new contract RSR i just bought, while the old contract RSR is still under its own token on etherscan. Tried swapping the old contract RSR to eth via uniswap and metamask, tried sending a test tx of old RSR to another wallet, and to an exchange, but all of those tx fail. The error is that the TX timed out due to lack of gas, but i have tried increasing the gas amounts and limits etc. The etherscan of my wallet is: 0xa086a13aC9299880D8CE78b0aDAE1090EF86756E Is there anything else I can try?
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